The Kivven-method and the K-spot

As a good foreplay the Kivven-method is very well to get your girlfriend in the mood. Your girlfriend lies on the back and you are on your stomach, turned 90 so you two form a "T". The Kivven-spots, or the K-spot, is stimulated by gently massaging the base of the Clitoris-hood while the other hand is placed under her bum so the thumb rests on the area between the anus and the vagina. Use your tongue to stimulate the Clitoris directly and lick it like a dog drinking water; small but fast licking movements. When the right stimulus is obtained it result in repeated and constant pre-orgasmic contractions which is felt with the thumb resting in between the anus and the vagina. Continue the stimulation for a while until your girlfriend is proper “turned on”. This is the basis of the Kivven-method..