Europe, North to South

In the early 90'th we went round Europe by InterRail by a month at a time and here is story about the journeyes. Here you'll find links to some of places we've visited on our trips, and suggestions of what to see and what not to see.

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The description is divided into two episodes each consisting of seven parts. Below you find a map of Europe and the routes we went. In both cases the trip takes off in Copenhagen and goes south through Germany to southern Europe. Do also check out my awesome holiday in USA, Africa, Brazil, in Egypt and Thailand.


[ Milan/Rome | Venice | Corfu | Athens | Paros/Santorini | Rhodos ]
[ Paris | Lisbon | Sevilla | Gibraltar | Algarve | Madrid | Amsterdam ]

[PIC Of Peer] Peer Wandel Hansen

Here's a bit about the traveler: My name is Peer Wandel Hansen, I work for IBM in Allerød, 20 miles north of Copenhagen. Here are my Homepage and the rest of the w3masters ..

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